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Reviews for The Crimson Crew Romance Trilogy

"This fast-paced Ivy League romance satisfies with memorable characters and a dash of spice." - BookLife by Publishers Weekly

"Love, love, love this book! Love the story of overcoming personal, and family imposed, obstacles. Amazing...." - Lisa, Goodreads Review

"The author kept you engaged, entertained and guessing throughout the entire book. I didn’t want the book to end." - Sarah, Amazon Review



Crimson Crew Book 1 featuring Noah Riley

The Higher Education of Noah Riley
(Crimson Crew Book 1)


Noah Riley, now in his third year at Harvard, is a fine-tuned specimen with exceptional good looks and an outstanding talent both on the theater stage and lacrosse field. His popularity and celebrity on campus are unrivaled, save perhaps by Lainee Reed, a brilliant biochemist in the making who isolates herself behind her studies, stoicism and the long, haggard scar along one side of her face.  

Lainee is always alone, head down, studying or striding forward with singular purpose across campus, while Noah is often laughing and meandering casually, surrounded by friends, teammates and admirers alike, basking in the glow of the spotlight as much as possible.    

To look at the two of them it would seem they are polar opposites, but when the tutor forced upon Noah in biochemistry is none other than Lainee, they are suddenly thrown together with varying degrees of unforeseen reactions.  Now face to face, both are left uncomfortably wondering if appearances aren't always what they seem.  


Crimson Crew Book 2 featuring Ryker Wallace

The Recoding of Ryker Wallace
(Crimson Crew Book 2)


Ryker Wallace, #17 of the Harvard men's lacrosse team, is always up for a fight, be it on the field or off.  The muscled, tattooed attackman has more penalty minutes per game than any other player in the whole Ivy League.  He also scores more than anyone, in the game or otherwise, save perhaps his teammate and buddy Noah Riley, #33.


Even as Ryker helps the Crimson Crew establish an illustrious winning streak, his brutal anger disguised as insatiable hunger begins to tear him apart at the seams from the inside out.  Manifesting itself in insidious ways, he becomes a borderline alcoholic with barely passing grades and a detachment disorder with a dash of God complex.  What no one knows is that Ryker comes by these attributes rightly, and painfully so.  It's his very birthright.

Programmed by harsh hands, he's been hardcoded with a particular algorithm born of fire and brimstone that burns within his veins.  Its code is that of discipline and despair added to severity and scarcity.  Can Ryker learn to evolve and adapt, to recode the initial instructions laid into his very foundation before he implodes?  Or is his ultimate output inevitably that of self-destruction?


Crimson Crew Book 3 featuring Laith Brinley

The Liberation of Laith Brinley
(Crimson Crew Book 3)


Laith Brinley, #5 of the Harvard men's lacrosse team, is a swift and stealthy player, quiet and unassuming on and off the field. One would never know behind his silent stoicism that he is Boston royalty, coming from old money and generations of influential politicians, including a father in Congress and older siblings groomed to follow suit. One would also never glean he harbors a shocking secret that must never leave the walls of the Brinley compound.

Laith seemingly has it all as he carefully downplays his heritage and shiploads of family money and influence, trying to blend into the background behind a wall of quiet fortitude as he's been carefully trained to do all of his aristocratic life. He never seems to notice or care about the attention he unwillingly garners. He never, ever wants the spotlight. He just steps up for his family and teammates on the Crimson Crew, quiet and steadfast, like a rock.

But even the hardest and most polished of stone can crack under too much pressure.  As Laith bears the weight and utter lie of perfection in silence, he must eventually choose once and for all:  legacy or liberation? 

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